About Mountain Link

Mountain Link is a premier international mountaineering guide service offering instructional seminars, guided climbs and expeditions. We lead small groups to destinations all over the world. We have led a number of people to some of the most beautiful places on earth to experience the satisfactions of mountaineering firsthand. Mountain Link participants have created some wonderful memories in the process. Many finish their trip with new friendships and new skills. We are honored that many of our participants come back for another trip with us!

We believe safety comes first. Leading smooth, successful expeditions is what we do best. Mountaineering is a physically and mentally demanding sport. Teamwork and positive group dynamics are the cornerstones for success. There are obstacles including weather and other natural occurrences that are beyond human control. While a climber must accept these risks, a good guide can minimize the potential threat of these risks on an expedition.

Our guides have impeccable resumes

A guide must perform many duties including instruction, ability assessment, route planning and weather condition evaluation. A guide must decide when to advance and when not to. Combined with the subtle ability to bond individuals into a unit and to transmit an appreciation of the aesthetic side of climbing, these guiding skills - when ably deployed - are a key component of a successful, enjoyable expedition.

We are confident that the Mountain Link staff can give you the best chance for a safe and rewarding mountain experience.