A New Twist on Mountaineering - Climbing Schools/Seminars                                                                       

Mount Bachelor is located in Central Oregon's Cascade Mountain Range. It is only half an hour from beautiful downtown Bend and about one hour from the Redmond Airport (RDM). Mount Bachelor is a first class ski resort with ten high speed chair lifts.
Mountain Link has recently partnered with Mount Bachelor to offer a series of instructional mountaineering programs in the resort during the off season. Whether you wish to learn mountaineering technique or just enjoy being outside in the mountains, this program will meet your needs. We are striving to help independent mountaineers hone & improve their skills. These one to four day mountaineering seminars, will range from overnight survival techniques to preparation for more major expeditions such as Denali, Aconcagua, or Everest. The courses are led by world class climbers and instructors. Upon completion, participants will have the knowledge and confidence to begin a safe and successful climbing career.

Seminars/ Instruction/ Learning

 The various programs include                                                                      

  • proper camp building for extreme conditions
  • introduction to high altitude physiology
  • response to high altitude illness
  • principles of glacier travel
  • sled techniques
  • anchors
  • belaying on snow and ice
  • cramponing techniques
  • crevasse rescue procedures
  • ice axe use
  • rappelling
  • self-belay techniques
  • kitchen set-up and cooking  
  • winter survival